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'Pet Grooming'
Loves Fall-Line Electronics

We have been clients of Fall-Line for more years than Willie and I would like to admit to. Willie and Fall-Line have always been very fair and a pleasure to work with. They have always been there when they said they would and do great work. We just had an attempted breakin and the glass break alarm stopped the intruders cold. The monitoring company called us and the police and we felt safe the very next night. No worries... Fall-Line had our backs... Makes us sleep better knowing we are protected.

Featured Clients

Fort Valley State University
Fort Valley, Georgia

Dr. Larry Rivers, Former President of Fort Valley State University
Fort Valley, Georgia

City of Fort Valley
Fort Valley, Georgia

Mr. John Stumbo, Former Mayor
Fort Valley, Georgia

Peach County Sheriff's Department
Fort Valley, Georgia

Mr. Lynmore James, State Representative
House District 135, Georgia

Mr. Sonny Watson, (Ret.) State Representative
House District 139, Georgia

Dr. Melvin Walker, Owner - Walker Enterprises
Fort Valley, Georgia

The Boys' and Girls' Clubs
Fort Valley, Georgia

Habitat for Humanity
Macon, Georgia

Ms. V. Clark Carter
Fort Valley, Georgia

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